"What do you want to do morning exercises? It seems that my husband hasn’t fed you enough." Meng Shiru got up in high spirits and will continue to cultivate.

If there is a comment on who is the hardest-working old cow, Shang Lian believes that Meng Shiru will definitely top the list.
See so shameless Meng Shiru Shang Tang lotus is really language "you also shameless".
"How can you say that? We enjoy it together, and you see that you want to," Meng Shiru said hoarsely, coughing again.
It’s obvious that things that are not suitable for children in the morning are not done less. Shang Tang doesn’t even know how many times someone has been an animal. Anyway, Meng Shiru doesn’t listen to her talk and can’t help secretly regretting that she was stupid last night. If I had heard that someone was up to something, I would have escaped earlier. Now I want someone to be an animal and I can’t understand people.
When Meng Shiru finally had enough addiction, it was almost time to book a plane in Shang Tang. Otherwise, Meng Shiru didn’t want to stop.
Meng Shiru is reluctant to dress. This is what Meng Shiru sent. It has been washed and dried. Shang Tanglian got dressed and directly sent Meng Shiru back to the dormitory to salute. This is also thanks to the fact that Shang Tang Lian has already put away the salute before. Now, with the salute, he can go straight to the airport and arrive at the airport ten minutes ago to get into the plane.
Shang Tang lotus can finally have a good repose.
The plane merchant Cen waited at the airport early and looked very tired. Shang Tang Lotus merchant Cen was very distressed to carry Shang Tanglian with a salute and take Shang Tang Lotus home.
Grandma Yu at home has already prepared a bunch of dishes waiting for Shang Tang Lotus.
Shang Tang Lian ate her heart and didn’t eat Grandma Yu’s food for a long time. She still missed seeing the dinner table. Song Muyang Shang Tanglian found that her belly was more round. After dinner, they chatted with Shang Tang Lian, so she was very sleepy and went to rest. She was going to have a vacation class.
This time, the home business has changed a lot, because Song Muyang is going to marry Wang Ye. Although he said that he is not going to formally hold a wedding, he should still send wedding candy to both parties. The dowry and dowry are still the last wedding reception according to the custom.
In fact, according to Wang Ye’s meaning, it is necessary to do it together, but Song Muyang doesn’t agree. She thinks it is ugly to wear wedding photos at the moment. It should be said that there is no possibility of even wearing wedding photos. Song Muyang doesn’t agree that Wang Ye Nai can postpone the wedding.
A few days later, Song Muyang and Wang Ye went to get a marriage certificate early in the morning. Although Song Muyang was not very happy, he was not as repulsive as Shang Tang Lian saw. Shang Tang Lian was curious about what Wang Ye said about Song Muyang.
At noon, the merchant had a meal with the Wangs, and there was an episode in which Song Muyang’s parents also came, which made Song Muyang feel very bad.
However, Song Muyang still asked her parents to come to the table, and that’s all. It happened that Song Muyang’s parents made a scene because of a little thing in the future, and finally let Song Muyang bear it and drive it away completely.
After dinner, Song Muyang will live in the Wangs’ home, and the wedding candy will be sent out, which will make the business a lot easier.
Married Song Mu Yang Yu grandma and Fu Huamei had some feelings, so they turned their attention to Shang Shang Lian. Shang Tang Lian was so scared that she didn’t dare to go home after going to school to terminate her leave. She lived directly in the company dormitory, either going to school or working in the company every day.
Shang Tang Lotus is really busy with class, but it’s also good to say that Shang Tang Lotus has learned from Meng Shiru that the mafia has something to do with Sun Ying according to her personality. But now she has some terrible strength, and even the stock market funds are not enough to shake the Oran Group by almost taking out the investment.
However, this does not mean that Shang Tang Lian can’t give the Oran family some trouble. Her funds are insufficient now, and she has to accumulate for a month or two before making trouble. Now, she doesn’t relax, and the pace of company development has been accelerating.
As the saying goes, nine times out of ten things go wrong in life. Maybe this sentence is not accurate enough. In other words, as the saying goes, a plan with a cloud will never change:
Chapter 966 Accident
There is nothing wrong with this statement. According to Shang Tang Lian’s original plan, after accumulating sufficient funds, she will not die with the Oran family and give their group trouble first.
But at the moment, her eyes are staring at the test paper, and there are still some who can’t believe how she got pregnant.
Speaking of it, Shang Tang Lian and Meng Shiru came to the airport after a farewell ceremony that was not suitable for children. After returning, she didn’t buy medicine afterwards. This time, it’s not that she is looking forward to having a child. She thinks it’s not good to let nature take its course and take the medicine. Since she didn’t have a baby once, she didn’t care about it this time, and she thought it should not be taken seriously.
Who knew that it was this time that she was pregnant?
In fact, she had some premonition before, after all, she knew some medical skills herself, and her menstruation was always on time for two or three months. It was half a month after the first month, and Shang Tang Lian felt that something was wrong because she didn’t know whether she was pregnant or not. Shang Tang Lian naturally didn’t dare to make a move, and other signs also showed this situation. First of all, how long did it take her to have a small belly, especially in the third month? She couldn’t wear her front clothes. She had strange tastes and occasionally wanted to eat spicy food and sour food.
The only thing that didn’t happen was that Shang Tanglian didn’t have morning sickness at all. She didn’t say it was delicious and slept well, but she was a little sleepy.
But Shang Tang Lian didn’t get the doctor’s confirmation in her heart. It felt different until three months ago when Shang Tang Lian came to the hospital for examination. Now she is holding the final result sheet and almost popping out the hole in the paper.
This child is really out of place, because Shang Tang Lian originally planned to be busy with business and confront Sun Ying. Sun Ying is cruel. It is impossible to be cruel to a child. If she knows that she is pregnant, she will give birth to trouble, and she will certainly not be able to devote herself to the development and growth of Lianhua as before.
To put it bluntly, it’s still up to Shang Tanglian to decide the general direction. It’s not that merchants are incompetent, but that they are not competent enough.
In this way, Shang Tang Lian is in a hurry when she wants to transport the stock market and study. Now she is pregnant, not only to keep her body ready to have children, but also to prevent being attacked by people. Don’t say that Sun Ying won’t miss such a good opportunity. She doesn’t believe it.
After having this child, most of Shang Tang Lian’s plans will be changed, especially when she has no energy. If she can’t take care of it, she might as well expand the territory and save the aftermath. That is very troublesome.
Although this child has brought a lot of inconvenience to Shang Tanglian, Shang Tang Lian has never thought about aborting the child or having any bad thoughts on the child. Just thinking that this is his own child, Shang Tang Liandu regards him as a gift from heaven. Who would have thought that he would be born in one night?
It’s amazing to think that Shang Tang Lian is pregnant with a little life in her belly.
For this child, she has a share of love and rejoices at his arrival. Where can she dislike it?
I got a definite result. Shang Tanglian came to make a message to Meng Shiru to tell him the good news. Who knows that the message can’t be reached? Besides this number, Shang Tanglian really doesn’t know what other numbers Meng Shiru has. Meng Shiru did say other ways to connect, but Shang Tanglian thought it was too much trouble. In turn, it’s good to surprise Meng Shiru directly.
At the same time, Meng Shiru shuttled through a dense forest and questioned the guide, "James, you said the headquarters was here."
James is a good friend of Meng Shiru, and he is also famous in the killer list. This time he came to see Meng Shiru.
Meng Shiru is now a retired killer, but this time some old people were recalled because of problems in their headquarters.
"Wait a minute. I’m lost now," James explained. "It’s even more secretive since the headquarters was attacked. You know that your identities can’t be revealed. It’s all for everyone’s consideration."
"Do you think the master is really in the headquarters?" Meng Shiru asked.
"Naturally, our organization has some friendship with them. Otherwise, can we build a headquarters here? If you are lucky, you can get advice from hermits," James said.
Meng Shiru didn’t have any objection. He nodded. He planned to go home after arranging everything. As a result, he touched it and found James. It turned out that he had participated in the headquarters of the killer organization and many killers died in this premeditated attack. Now, these old people can go back if they want to help. Of course, they can come out if they have the conditions.
The conditions of Meng Shiru are very simple.
Meng Shiru’s action this time is very secret. Meng Shiru can’t even send a message to Shang Tang Lotus. It should be said that Meng Shiru lost his freedom of communication from the moment he promised.
Meng Shiru can also look forward to learning kung fu quickly, completing the organization and then leaving the organization again.
Speaking of this killer organization, the world is also famous. They take orders, but there are also principles. There are several kinds of people who don’t kill young children, those who are not guilty, those who have grievances, those who are loyal to the country, and so on. In fact, to put it bluntly, people don’t kill.
In this organization, there is not so serious national discrimination, but strength means everything, and they also have their own rules. There are several principles that are aimed at killers. For example, killers should not kill indiscriminately or betray their teammates. When they are old, killers will automatically quit and enjoy a normal life.
The client’s information is also very confidential, and it still enjoys a certain reputation in the world. Many people will entrust it, and whether it is successful or not, their news will not be leaked.
And killers? Their information is closely protected.
Meng Shiru’s action was very successful this time, and he got a chance to meet the master. This is an old man who is even older than Zong Lao. He is already 150 years old, but he looks like a white-haired crane and a fairy. He is more profound than Zong Lao:
Chapter 967 Master
Master also thinks Meng Shiru is good, but he is willing to give advice to Meng Shiru on the condition that Meng Shiru will stay and wait on him for two years.
As a result, Meng Shiru didn’t help to come to the headquarters, but he enjoyed some benefits first. The expert said that Meng Shiru had to learn kung fu for less than two years, and he would be thoroughly remoulded when the time came. In these two years, besides learning martial arts, he wanted to be his servant.
Meng Shiru agreed when he gritted his teeth, mainly because the old man in front of him was really a grandmaster, and he did say that he wanted to reach the level he wanted for two years.
Meng Shiru thought that Houston, the enemy of life and death, missed the Wulin Congress, but Meng Shiru did not regret learning something. Unfortunately, he could not contact the outside world or know the situation of Shang Tang Lotus in this issue.
So Meng Shiru lived like a monk, with sunrise and sunset.
In fact, Meng Shiru didn’t make this choice without considering Shang Tang Lotus, but it’s the same with Shang Tang Lotus. As a result, if he doesn’t serve this master, he will have to help at the headquarters for two years. This is their organizational rule, mainly to protect the relatives of the killer from being known and wait for revenge.
Such a calculation might as well stay as an apprentice to an expert.
For these Shang Tang lotus, I naturally don’t know that she has been much more careful and stopped practicing boxing every morning since she was sure that she was pregnant. At best, she just practiced one method, or she didn’t dare to walk or even run.
Shang Tanglian told this news to her family, and immediately the merchant blew up the nest. I never thought that Shang Tang Lian was pregnant, and the child did not say that it must be Meng Shiru. Cen, a merchant of Meng Shiru, immediately asked Meng Shiru to come back to discuss the marriage.
Shang Tanglian stopped it, and said that she didn’t care whether she wanted to get married or not, or whether she thought more about the previous idea and gave birth to an heir, so she could eat, drink and enjoy life.