Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Each plot to lung Yin lei
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five Each plot to lung Yin lei
"Being original is the core disciple. Isn’t it true that Zongmen has rules to allow others to kill the core disciple, but Hexi disciples are not allowed to kill others?" Wang Guang snorted, but she was too lazy to pay attention to this woman, so she wanted to leave. (Niu Wen’s novels ~ reading novels online)
After the woman’s inner struggle, she let Wang Guang pass without stopping with a sigh, while she hesitated for a long time before she leaned forward and flew to the depths of the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture mountains. She wants to leave Yizong, because she knows that even if she kills Wang Guang, the family behind her disciples will not let her go, so she wants to leave Zongmen, go to the depths of the more barren Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture, and even leave the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture to survive in the wilderness of the north.
Wang Guang saw that the female trainer let herself go in the past, but her heart just sneered. "To find a chance, being original must kill you, otherwise it will take so much effort to be original to kill that boy?" Because of your obstruction, I almost lost my life, but this revenge has to be reported. "
While thinking, Wang Guang returned to his home. The expected struggle did not appear, and the practitioners who came with Master Dan didn’t know where they had gone. The practitioners stationed at the foot of Lingshan cheered when they saw Wang Guang coming back. However, only a few people are sad and worried about whether they will be retaliated in the future. There is also a person who resents Yaodao, because the Yin Lei thrown by Yaodao on Lingshan has blown his spiritual field, which has been cultivated for three to five years, into a deep pit at once.
Just ask a few words, and Wang Guang will know that those practitioners have left under the persuasion of a woman when he went to kill Dan’s younger brother. The Taoist priest just frowned and changed his mind again. "Next time I see that woman, I won’t kill her. At least under her orders, the business of three or five years has not been destroyed. Otherwise, Lingshan will be destroyed. Although it won’t bring me much trouble, it is also a trivial matter, which makes people uneasy."
Seeing that these people were still worried, Wang Guang didn’t know how to persuade them. After simply comforting these people, he went back to Jin Guangding and took out thousands of SPAR to give it to the practitioner whose Lingtian was destroyed, which was a reward for him. After seeing that he was compensated by thousands of Lingtian, the practitioners who destroyed Lingtian lost their resentment, and even hoped that Taoist priests would destroy more Lingtian and earn more Lingshi compensation.
It’s a pity that the Taoist mind is not here and he doesn’t know his thoughts at all. Therefore, after throwing the Lingshi to him, he turned to the golden top and went to the meditation.
Three or five days later, Wang Guang didn’t find those so-called thirty-six gangs bothering him during his rehabilitation, so he didn’t care more. After simply telling the practitioners who cultivated for a living something, he devoted himself to the meditation.
Early this morning, the sun emerged from the sky, and the Taoist priest was sitting cross-legged on the boulder on the top of the golden light, breathing magic.
I saw this fellow’s belly was stirred up, and he gave out a purring sound. When the sound was about to disappear, this fellow fiercely opened his mouth and inhaled. Seven or eight feet away, a purple light with the thickness of a thumb suddenly drilled into his mouth. This purple light is the aura of heaven and earth, and the practitioners have absorbed it, which can not only greatly purify their own mana, but also nourish the magic weapon power. Speaking of it, it is a precious treasure in the practice world.
The thumb-thick purple breath is more than three feet long, but it is caused by the more powerful Taoist magic. This purple gas is about to follow the Taoist mouth and get into the belly. I never thought that the Taoist fiercely whisked out a worn-out drawing, which turned as quickly as a sponge absorbed water, and suddenly absorbed this purple gas. And this drawing is the red sand bursts hidden by the Taoist priest.
Seeing that the array absorbed the purple gas and repaired a crack on it, the Taoist priest did not dare to neglect it, and hurriedly injected several mana into the array. Then he immersed himself in it and began to kill the red sand monster, thus achieving the purpose of manipulating the array.
About three or five hours later, the Taoist priest only felt that his mind was insufficient, so he quickly withdrew from the array.
"There is still some lack of means. It seems that being original is going to bleed out this time." Playing with the array in his hand, this fellow remembered the fight with the disciples of that Dan division the other day. If he had powerful means at that time, he wouldn’t have had to pester each other for so long. It’s just a pity that his filthy long banner has not been mended yet, and its power is not great, otherwise there would be no need to worry so much.
"There are now two floors in one go. It is reasonable to say that being original is already six floors, and I have been able to cultivate to the sixth floor. It’s just that there are many prohibitions in this big capture. Every time I upgrade one floor, the prohibitions will increase several times or even ten times. It is very time-consuming to cultivate."
"After three to five years of practice, Yin Lei has reached the fourth floor, but it can only be used to deal with those practitioners who have no magic weapon. As long as the other party has a magic weapon for defense, the power of Yin Lei is still not a foregone conclusion. If you continue to practice now, there will not be much improvement. "
"There is no limit to the strange sand between the fingers. Being original has never been neglected for several years. Unfortunately, this strange means relies on water milling. Even if the mind is dexterous, it can only increase the power a little, and it can’t be tricky at all. It is also impossible to increase the power in a short time."
"Red copper sand is of the earth, but it can’t be decided on life and death. It is easy to be blocked when it is put into use, and it can’t act as a killer. Moreover, there is no good prohibition method now, and the power of this magic weapon cannot be improved by half a point. "
After much deliberation, this fellow suddenly remembered that he had something to do with lung yin fire. "What a fool! How can being original forget such a good thing?"
Wang Guang patted himself on the head, but he complained that he had been busy carrying the practice and managing the surrounding Lingshan in recent years and mixed his head. "In those days, when collecting the yin fire in the lungs, being original wanted to use this baby to make Yin Lei. I didn’t think of the lack of materials first, but now it is a trivial matter, but I forgot this baby. Now we can’t delay half a minute, otherwise if someone fights with the original group again and the original escapes, there is no other way. "
With the dispute in his heart, this fellow didn’t delay time, went to Fuzuo to write information, and then lost it to several practitioners who helped him manage many Lingshan mountains. In order to better manage Lingshan and attract more disciples from the clan to gather here to buy all kinds of goods, those practitioners have already built the task attic with the help of Yaodao, where they hung up the task released by Wang Guang and asked the practitioners from the clan to help Yaodao collect all kinds of materials for refining thunder fire.
"Dust and sand: a grain of 300 spar; Green stone: a hundred spar; Yin fire: a wisp of hundreds of spar; Vicious: a thousand spar … "There are hundreds of materials hanging in the task attic. Some practitioners hanging around here see that there are a lot of tasks, so they quickly call friends and gather people to collect all kinds of materials, so as to complete the tasks and get spar, so as to absorb the aura in the spar to improve their mana, or exchange precious Dan medicine to break through the barrier of practice. At that time, the Jin Guangding station suddenly became lively.
A large number of practitioners gathered here to collect materials for Wang Guang. Fortunately, the amount of materials needed for refining the earth’s lungs and thunder by the demon way is very large, so these practitioners have also stayed here for a long time. For a time, let those practitioners who rely on planting be happy.
They give their own drugs or spiritual valleys to those who like alchemy, and these alchemists refine various drugs to sell. Others took the opportunity to collect all kinds of good things from other places to sell here, in exchange for spar and Dan medicine for their own use.
The task was released, but in just three days, Yaodao received dozens of materials for making underground lungs and thunder. For this, he paid the price of almost hundreds of thousands of spar.
Fortunately, these spar are provided by Zongmen, so he is not too distressed. Only after refining the underground lung yin lei, he had to hand over some yin lei to Zongmen, which was an exchange between them.
"Wang Guang, the task of shielding the lungs and thunder you released has been hung in the task cabinet for a long time. If you can’t use the extra materials, give them directly to this seat, and this seat will help you deal with them." When Wang Guang was going to finish this mission, the female Dan teacher who had charmed him suddenly gave him information and asked him to collect more materials to refine the earth’s lungs and thunder.
"Martial uncle boundless Buddha, so, those spar don’t need to be original to pay." Wang Guang was worried that he used too many clan resources, so he had to pay more, so he wanted to use the identity of the female Dan teacher to pay those spar rewards.
"This seat to pay. All you need to do is give us ten pieces of underground thunder as a reward. You can use as much of those materials as you want, but don’t be too greedy to make us look down on you. " It took a long time for the female Dan teacher to send such a message to Wang Guang.
"Great Goodness" diabolical thought a little, and I understood the meaning of the female Dan teacher. You know, for the core disciples and Dan teachers, all the materials are open to supply, but the more materials are used, the more things must be done to help Zongmen, which has been handed down for tens of thousands of years and has never been destroyed. Wang Guang just wants to hang the birthright of using materials on the female Dan teacher, and then break away from himself, so that in the future, when Zongmen uses himself, he can’t refuse.
Not to mention this idea, right? Just say that Wang Guang began to refine the earth’s lungs and thunder after he had enough materials.
First of all, this fellow sprayed out the red copper sand, which was burned by the underground lung yin fire for more than ten years and was very powerful. A little bit of black flame spewed out from the copper sand and absorbed it, which looked very strange.
Road flyover used the secret method to intercept a trace of lung yin fire, which was only the thickness of a baby’s finger, but its characteristics were not weakened. Wang Guang used mana to maintain the yin fire of the lungs, while throwing all kinds of prepared materials.
Dozens of grains of dust and sand, hundreds of green stones, all kinds of smoldering fire, poisonous smoke and poisonous plants are thrown into a side furnace for refining in a certain order.
Earlier, several alchemists got the rewards of diabolical SPAR, and all of them worked hard to urge mana to refine all kinds of precious materials in the furnace. About three or five hours later, the furnace was turned on, and a black and green ball the size of a baby’s fist flew out under the decision of the alchemists.
Wang Guang didn’t dare to neglect, and hurriedly put the yin fire of the earth’s lungs, which had been maintained for several hours with mana, into the ball. As soon as the yin fire of the local lung fell into the ball, the whole ball began to burn and shrank at a speed visible to the naked eye.
Demon way looked at strange smiles, but he knew that he had succeeded half the time. Now all he had to do was burn the ball out before the yin fire of the earth’s lungs, and brand some bans into it.
A series of prohibitions are turned into streamers and merged into the sphere. Every time they fall into one of the prohibitions, the shrinking speed of the sphere slows down by one point, while the burning lung yin fire soars by one point. Thousands of prohibitions have been hit by Taoist priests in a row, and these prohibitions have been outlined into a complete layer of prohibitions in the sphere. When this ban was generated, the ball suddenly stopped burning the lung yin fire and stopped shrinking.
The thunder of the lungs that stopped shrinking was only half the size of a baby’s fist. Road flyover saw the joy in my heart, just want to take it out to test the power.
"It seems that such a Yin Lei is not very powerful." An alchemist looked at Wang Guang’s hands and asked about the Yin Lei.
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"Hey hey joined the lung yin fire thunder fire, do you really think that power is not big? I dare not say anything else. If this thunder fire is detonated in this secret room, even if you have the top-level defense magic weapon, you will not escape the end of the soul. " I am very satisfied with the description of the yin and thunder of the earth’s lungs recorded in Taoist books and classics.
You should know that this kind of yin lei can not only destroy people’s magic weapon, but also hurt people’s lives. It can also destroy the soul. If you are not careful, the body will be blown up by this yin lei, and the soul contained in the body will also be burned into nothingness by the yin fire of the lungs.
After repeatedly playing for a while, the demon road put this yin lei away. "Come on, let’s continue refining. No one wants to leave until these materials are consumed today."
Hearing this, the alchemists immediately cheered. Although so tired, but at the beginning Wang Guang promised them that every time a Yin Leiyuan Dan was refined, no one would pay a hundred SPAR. So, even if you only practice one original Dan at the end of the day, you will earn more spar than they earn by refining Dan medicine for seven or eight days for others. Therefore, several alchemists were very excited when they heard that they would continue refining. They just shouted to get more materials, even if they were dedicated to serving as alchemists for the demon road.
Then they fully refined the underground lungs and thunder for three days and two nights, and failed several times during the period. Either the alchemists made mistakes when refining the original Dan, or they made mistakes when diabolical branding was banned.
The former goes wrong and only consumes a lot of spar materials, while the latter goes wrong and can even kill people.