"This little girl is quite scheming." Looking at the back of the two men leaving arm in arm, Yang Lou smiled and said to herself, instead of going out to see me off, she turned to greet the store business.

"What did Sister Lulu say to you in the back?" DuGulan inquired curiously after getting off the bus.
"Nothing. She asked me if I would like to come to her for work-study programs during the summer vacation." Feiyang replied with a smile.
"He doesn’t know your identity" DuGulan asked in astonishment.
"Well, she still told me that I was that poor student." Feiyang said with a smile.
"Well, I can see that she is very concerned about you." Du Gulan said grumpily.
"Well, this is just a colleague’s heart," said some workplace.
"That’s good. I don’t want to have another sister." Du Gulan took a charming and charming white look and stopped talking.
"No, I’m the kind of person who loves someone when I see one." Feiyang asked with a smile.
"You are" DuGulan stared at Feiyang, sat in the flying car and returned to the gate of China Shipping University. He said goodbye to Feiyang and asked for a car with his safety belt.
"Little Lan Lan and so on, did you forget to write something?" Feiyang stopped DuGulan and asked with a smile.
"What I haven’t forgotten?" DuGulan wondered and asked, but it was funny to see Feiyang close his eyes and raise his head and pursed his mouth. JiaoChen came over and kissed Feiyang’s lips for a few seconds, then he loosened up and ran into the campus of China Shipping University without looking back.
Looking at Du Gulan’s figure slowly disappearing in the campus of China Shipping University, I rubbed it and just kissed by Du Gulan with a chuckle, then the car went home.
"Goodbye, Sister Yang" at this time, it was already after twelve o’clock in the evening. When Yang Lu’s lover’s bar closed, the bar staff changed their clothes. Yang Lu smiled and waved goodbye, which showed that Yang Lu was really managing the bar, and she had her unique experience.
"Well, goodbye, be careful." Yang Lu also nodded with a smile and said goodbye to everyone. After everyone left, Yang Lu should carefully check the bar again, so that he could safely lock it and leave.
Yang Lu waited for a while at the bar road, stopped a taxi and told the driver the address of his rented house. Then the driver drove Yang Lu to her rented place.
This time, however, Yang Lu didn’t think that a van followed her in a taxi until it was near her door. When the taxi stopped at the door of Yang Lu’s rented apartment, Yang Lu paid for the car, and the van headed for Yang Lu, who had just driven.
Chapter 375 Kidnapping
Yang Lu was about to walk into the house, but suddenly he felt curious about the headlights of the van behind him. He turned around and saw a van coming towards him and hurriedly pulled over to avoid it.
Unexpectedly, the van suddenly stopped in front of your face. A young man in his twenties smiled at Yang Lu and asked softly, "Miss, how can I get to a Jiangxin Community?"
"Go straight along this road for about a mile, then turn left and go on for about 200 meters. You can see it," Yang Lu said with a smile.
"Miss, I’m still not too white. Can you show me?" The man said with a slight frown and then approached Yang Lu.
"What are you doing?" Yang Lou nodded with a smile and gave directions to the man in the direction of Jiangxin Community. The man suddenly appeared a grimace of a grin beside Yang Lou and walked beside Yang Lou. He stretched out his right hand and tied Yang Lou’s neck and dragged her down towards the van. Did Yang Lou, a weak woman, be the male opponent who was struggling but was instantly put down and dragged to the van?
After towing Yang Lu, the male horse took the door to the back seat of the car, and two other men clamped Yang Lu in the front seat. The driver swung his tail and turned the car upside down, so he was ready to leave with Yang Lu.
"Let me help you" Yang Lou struggled to cry for help in her mouth, but she was quickly covered by three people in the back seat of the car, and her hands and feet were also pressed to break free.
"Go!" A man in the back seat of the car said to the driver, who nodded and started the car and was leaving.
Just a few meters away, I saw a male figure in the middle of the road in front of the car, keeping my eyes on the van.
"Someone is in the way in front of the boss," the driver turned around and said softly.
"Hit it," said a man in the back seat.
The driver stepped on the gas pedal to accelerate and ran into the man in front of the car.
However, just before hitting the man, the man suddenly jumped in front of the car, and the whole person took off and jumped towards the van, and then he heard a loud bang, and the van shook and the roof of the van sagged.
The driver quickly slammed the steering wheel on the brakes to keep the van stable. When he recovered, he was surprised and said, "What happened?"
"That man jumped on the roof and dumped him for me," said the man in the back seat.
"Yes" The driver in the front seat slammed the steering wheel and kept drifting to throw the roof man from the face.
However, it is not much to see that the man suddenly grabbed the top of the van and kicked the window of the co-pilot position along a pair of feet, and then got into the car and instantly took out a pistol from his arms to resist the driver’s head and said "stop"
Feel the cold pistol against his head, feel the driver cold sweat and stop the car honestly.
"Car, you guys, give me your hands and squat." This man is flying. After seeing Goyle during the day, he felt that something was wrong. When he got home, he reasoned that something was wrong. That Goyle followed himself and definitely wanted to do something. After dinner, he decided to squat in front of the lover’s bar.
Sure enough, after waiting for Yang Lu’s shift, a van followed Yang Lu in a taxi, flying with a frown, and the car followed the van, which was the scene of Yang Lu’s kidnapping.
"Hurry up and give me the car with your hands on your head." The van stopped flying and pointed a gun at several people and drank a car. Four kidnappers glances at each other and released Yang Lu honestly according to Feiyang’s instructions. The driver and two other people squatted behind their heads according to Feiyang’s words, but the first one didn’t do it immediately according to Feiyang’s words. His eyes kept flashing while Feiyang didn’t pay attention. His right hand slowly reached into his arms.
Flying naturally won’t let go of this little move, eye disease and foot disease. I kicked the man in the past and fell to the ground. I dropped a dark pistol and threw it out far away, while the man was kicked into shrimp lying on the ground, bowing and groaning.
Fly in the sky sneer at a walk past a foot will pistol stepped on a powder cold asked "who sent you"
"It’s Master Gao," said one trembling.
"It was him. What did he want you to kidnap this woman?" Flying sneer at one and then looked at four people and asked him to drink.
"Master Gao said that this woman and you are a lot. If you kidnap her, you can be lured out, and then we will ambush people to kill you." The man replied lightly.
"Hum, who are you?" Fei Yang continued with a cold hum.
"No, we’re the young master of the International Association who is a guest at our boss’s house. He found us during the day and asked us to kidnap this woman."
"International Club haha" flew out laughing, then disdained to look at the four people and said, "Even your boss doesn’t dare to provoke me now, and you dare to touch my people. What good did Gorge give you?"
"Master Gao promised to give us three million each after the job was done," one of them replied softly.
"Three million, that Gorge shot is quite rich." Flying gently looked at four people and said, "I don’t know if your life is worth three million?"
"Don’t hand them over to the police to deal with flying." At this moment, Yang Lou also recovered from the fright and heard flying talk, and hurriedly stopped from the car.
"Yes, yes, yes, you adults don’t remember that the villain spared us. We are willing to accept legal sanctions." Three of them couldn’t stop kowtowing, saying that the man who was kicked by Feiyang was still lying on the ground and didn’t do it.
"Well, since Sister Lulu said so, you are lucky today, so get out of here." Feiyang said coldly.
"Thank you, boss." If three people are granted amnesty, they will quickly help the first person lying on the ground to leave the van quickly for fear of flying and suddenly going back on our word.
"Lulu elder sister, are you okay?" Feiyang turned around and looked at Yang Lou with a smile and said.
"Nothing is a little scared" Yang Lou shook his head and replied with a smile.
"Then I’ll send you home." Feiyang said with a smile.
"Don’t be afraid of me alone," said Yang Lou, shaking her head and looking at the sky pitifully.
"Do you live alone? What about your boyfriend?" Feiyang asked softly.
"We broke up," Yang Lou replied with a dim face.
"Well, I’ll take you to an safe place." Feiyang was silent for a while and said softly.
"Well" Yang Dew nodded silently and walked towards the flying car behind Feiyang.
Chapter 376 Flying in the past
"Feiyang, this is your car." Yang Lou followed Feiyang to his car, startled to stare at this valuable BMW suv and asked in surprise.
"Well, it’s Lulu’s car, isn’t it?" Feiyang said with a smile and the gentleman hit the co-pilot door for Yang Lu.
"Well" Yang Lou face Hao Ran nodded and got into the car with his head down. He sat with his eyes on the front windshield and didn’t know what was going on.