But Yang Xiu waved and shook his head. "Don’t look at it. Please give him the 550,000-order Lingshi."

Zhu Jiawen knows that this is the other party’s letter and will no longer insist.
Immediately divide the lingshi in the other ring, then take out two bags, hand one to Yang Xiu and the other to Dahan. "Two seniors, please count the lingshi number to see if it’s right."
Yang Xiuze directly put away the LingShi and the big fellow is you’re welcome to play the bag of gods to see some kind of satisfaction and nodded. "Well, the number is right."
Then he said to Yang Daoxiu, "Well, let’s say goodbye."
The big fellow beamed at Yang Xiu and then went out directly.
"Go slow, seniors"
Yang Xiu saw the eye token and gave me a hint of satisfaction, and then left the Zhujiajian Exchange.
He wanted to return to the abode of fairies and immortals directly, only to find that the net was halfway through when he received a message from Grandfather Tianxuan asking him to go ahead.
As a last resort, he changed the flight direction and headed for the ancestral abode of fairies and immortals in Tianxuan.
I came to the temple to see Meng Yunshou at the door. I saw Yang Xiu coming to Meng Yunkou and said, "Teacher Yang, hurry up and go in. You are all alone. Don’t keep the master waiting."
Yang Xiu heard that his mind was slightly moved. "Originally, he also called other monks at the same time, and it seems that Meng Yun didn’t go in. It doesn’t seem that he was summoned by master and pupil but he didn’t know what it was!"
I thought so much, but I didn’t slow down. After giving a gift to Meng Yun, I walked into the ancestral home of Tianxuan.
Entering the room, I couldn’t help secretly seeing that the great-grandfather of Tianxuan was holding the hall, and there were six or seven monks on both sides of him, almost all of whom had the mid-term repair of Jiedan.
What surprised him even more was that among these monks, he also saw that the big fellow who sold him tokens online was among them
There are also several acquaintances, such as the real Mao Dun Bai couple.
"It seems that something is really going to happen again!" Yang Xiu thought and immediately respectfully saluted the great-grandfather of Tianxuan. "My brother has seen the master.
Day Xuan Taizu nodded and then took a look at the room all the monks that slowly said, "Today, there is one thing for you to finish."
All the monks who are about to know that their eyes are present are shocked, but their faces are calm and quiet, waiting for Wen.
Great-grandfather Tianxuan’s face was different, and then he said, "Everyone knows that we have been fighting with Jianmen for so many years, and most of them are mutual restraint and dare not cross the rubicon to come to last stand. After all, our two factions are quite powerful and may end up in a lose-lose situation if they are not careful, but let others pick up the cheap."
"But before they had an infant brother, so we were in a passive position. Fortunately, Yang Xiu’s success not only seriously injured Mo Daolin, but also suppressed the sword door during this period. So now the strength bases on both sides are almost exhausted. If we can’t end this battle in the recent period, we are afraid that this situation will be maintained and we will be able to adopt the sword door together.
When Yang Xiu and others saw that Grandfather Tianxuan had made so many preparations, their hearts suddenly moved, "Is it going to be a decisive battle?"
Now Nanling School and Jianmen School both have some damage, but the foundation is still there, and no one can grasp it and completely destroy each other. Therefore, they have been mining Huilongmiao Mianling Mine at the same time.
In fact, this is the situation in most monks’ hearts, so they are all a little lazy. I didn’t expect Taizu Tianxuan to say these words at this time.
"But it’s not too unexpected. I heard that the mineral resources of this spirit are amazing, so I’m afraid no one will give up half of it."
Yang Xiu thought like this and continued to listen to Grandfather Tianxuan’s saying, "So in order to end this battle as soon as possible, I recently thought of a plan, but I want you to cooperate."
Grandfather Tianxuan frowned slightly when he saw that no one answered the words. "Because this plan requires some friars who fly faster, this will only choose you, but you will be rewarded accordingly when you are at ease."
"Master, please tell your brother to try his best to finish it." Yang Xiu saw that Grandfather Tianxuan wanted everyone to make a statement and he was his disciple, so he took the lead first.
Other monks know that they can’t run away without talking, but it is easy to cause dissatisfaction with Tianxuan, so they are reluctant to talk about it. "When you see this, you can’t help but smile and look at Yang Xiu’s eyes with a hint of approval and say," In fact, although there are some dangers this time, it is also simple to do. Then you have to do it by force. "
Said the palm of your hand turned suddenly more than 20 palm-sized cloth bags to the people and even threw them one by one in the hands of the people to listen to Tianxuan’s ancestral way.
"It’s definitely not possible to fight recklessly with Jianmen, or even if we win them, we can’t accept this spiritual mine with the remaining strength, so we can outwit you. Now these cloth bags are filled with a kind of powder called" black cartilage crisp "
Perhaps know that they didn’t listen and then explained.
"This kind of powder was accidentally discovered by me recently. Although its name is not obvious, it is amazing. After it is scattered in the air, it will not be diluted and blown away immediately with the wind."
"And once the monk steps into the area where the powder is located, no matter whether he absorbs it or not, he will be recruited if he touches it. At present, there is no way to guard against it."
"After the move, the monk will feel tender and weak in two hours, and he can’t make many spells much better than ordinary people."
"So I want you to sneak into Jianmen camp tonight and disperse these powders. When they are effective, we will deal with those people. It will be as easy as blowing off dust."
"But in this way, you are bound to be affected by" Black Control Cartilage Crisp "and there is no antidote to this powder."
"So you have to fly away quickly after you have sprinkled the powder, or you will have the effect in ten minutes. If you haven’t come and left by then, it will be a little dangerous."
"But don’t worry that this powder is not harmful to the monks. After two hours, the efficacy will dissipate and the repair will recover without leaving sequelae."
After all the monks listened to Tian Xuan’s great-grandfather and came to understand the reason, some monks’ faces suddenly showed dead gray.
This is completely into the enemy’s camp. Don’t say that you will be poisoned by "black cartilage crisp". Even if you miss the black cartilage crisp, you can’t run away.
It can be said that this trip is not much different from cannon fodder.
Although Yang Xiu is confident in the soil evasion technique, he can’t help but feel a little hairy when he thinks that there are such characters as "living according to bad" in the other camp.
Therefore, it was not easy to do it for a while, which made everyone think that he was a worm who would please Master and ignore the comfort of everyone.
When the scene is a little cold and cheerless, everyone is unwilling and afraid to oppose it. Everyone buried his head and dared not face up to it. Grandfather Tianxuan is a rebel!
Day Xuan great-grandfather saw the reaction didn’t show any irate look, but sighed and said slowly.
"In fact, it is supposed that I personally went to do it better and faster than you, but although I came into contact with the" black cartilage crisp ",it would not be as hard as ordinary monks, but it would also be affected to some extent. If it was famous at that time but nothing happened, then no one in Nanling Sect could pin him down, and we would really be finished. I just handed it over to you monks who were faster.
Then he said freely, "But this matter is dangerous after all, so you can choose to go or not. I won’t force or blame you, and no one will reward anyone who decides to go to the monk whether this operation is successful or not." Think for a moment before you answer me.