The golden light shines but turns into a huge emperor.

"Roar …"
Black water Xuan snake roared and then its tail came with a mighty force, which directly bombarded itself into the distance from the earth.
The strength of the earth pierced his tail, and the tail was bloody, and there was a sharp breath swinging slowly from his body.
Heishui Xuanshe Zhenhai stared at the Imperial Sky, but the Imperial Sky smiled coldly but drank a "Five Emperors Boxing-Yellow Emperor-Awesome!"
The Yellow Emperor is the five elements of soil. This punch is thicker than Di Chin’s penetration, but it is with all strength and pressure.
The fist fell on the black water Xuan snake and immediately sent out fear. The five elements of soil fell directly to seven inches.
"Boom …"
This punch is like a punch with Wan Jun force, like ten mountains gathering together.
In an instant, the black water Xuan snake instantly turned into a meteor, and the whole body was hit and flew away from the Necromancer Sea to the distance.
"Boom …"
The huge snake body directly collided with the mountain wall. Yutian has come to the mountain wall at this moment, even though he waved a fist, "Five Emperors Boxing-Hei Di-Blackwater is surging!"
This punch is endless, like running water, directly invading the black water Xuan snake body.
A punch directly bombards the black water Xuan snake, and the black water Xuan snake screams and roars directly, but spits out a big mouthful of blood.
Blackwater Xuan snake department has been hit hard, but also with the earth than the injury
Imperial day immediately to recover again, but this scene has been printed in the eyes of these people fighting.
Who also don’t look at the opposite magic to teach people just with a shock "darling … this is the royal day brother so cruel and powerful …"
The method is still shocked with horror. "Xiao Feng’s younger brother, Woody’s younger brother … they don’t have this thing!"
These people are shocking the boss of the year, and these people are even more shocking. They are full of fear and don’t know how to tell! Then the boss stared at the young brother opposite and said to the people around him, "Don’t hurt these people to play with them and find an opportunity to leave immediately. If we annoy that one, we will be more than we can bear!"
In a word, these people nod instantly and have to say that they are already afraid of the strength of the imperial day.
On the other side, the black water Xuan snake has been angry, not angry. This is completely crazy. It was beaten by a human being and abused by a human being.
Blackwater Xuan snake directly angry into a state of madness "roar …"
"Boom …"
The tail slaps the sea surface, but it turns into a tsunami. This tsunami bombards the royal sky, but it is disdainful. Five dragons emerge from the colorful canopy, and five dragons surge directly.
"Boom …"
The tsunami directly turned into a virtual black water, and the mysterious snake stared at the sky in fear, and it was a big mouth that sprayed black venom.
Yutian laughed coldly but drank a big drink: "Sword Prison Classic-Sword Twenty-Earth-shattering!"
When a word is said, the black water Xuan snake is even more afraid, just expecting its scales to protect itself.
Then the black water Xuan snake was disappointed. The magic sword is not the ink and snow. It can be compared with the four swords of Zhu Xian, and the Excalibur instantly cuts off the black water Xuan snake’s body and sends out aura.
"Roar …"
Black water Xuan snake directly growls in pain and sends out all the pain.
Chapter 151 Slay Black Water Xuan Snake
"Roar …"
The black water Xuan snake rolled its body and fled directly to the deep sea. The black water Xuan snake was already afraid, but vowed that it would never provoke the royal sky if it met the royal sky.
Who knows that the black water Xuan snake doesn’t want to provoke the imperial heaven, but it raises its sharp eyes and shines a little naked.
Suddenly, the five elements … all these things slowly converge.
Imperial eyes close slightly as if aware of a faint light, which is a light from the world.
Imperial heaven realized the sword at the beginning, realized the sword at the beginning, and turned it into a sword in the world.
Suddenly, the Imperial Heaven raised the magic sword and slowly waved it at the front.
A total annihilation instantly turned into a soaring sword light and swept out!
An illusory world emerges with the sword light, and the sword body disappears with the sword light, but a world emerges, which shines with the sword light as if it were a world.
"Tear … tear …"
I don’t know how many miles of mulberry mountains are now firm but gentle, but it comes to an end and slowly tears these mountain walls and slowly cuts off the whole vicissitudes of life.
The world is wrapped in the sword light of the black water snake. The black water snake turns and stares at the Imperial Heaven with all fear, but also with despair and death.
Black water Xuan snake regretted living for several years, but it was the dragon that offended such a person, but now it was beheaded by this person.
Black water mysterious snake wants to be a god beast, but it can never be separated from it.
Suddenly, the sword light raged in an illusory little world and directly turned into a sword light sweep.
"Boom …"
The instant small world directly collides with the whole mulberry mountain.
Sangshanbu is the sea of the dead. It’s true that Sangshan is just a shell outside a cave.
Now, this one falls on a sword and gives birth to the world, directly cutting off the whole mulberry mountain.
Like a cover, the mulberry mountain was instantly cut off and then collided with an illusory small world.
"Boom … boom …"
The mulberry mountain is broken into pieces, but it disappears directly. In people’s eyes, if it is not the slowly falling pieces, those faint mountains have not disappeared. No one knows that this is the mulberry mountain. This is the mulberry mountain!
The sun slowly sets to illuminate the whole mulberry mountain.
In the sunshine, I realized that it was an accident to make a sword for the first time, but now it is a new realization.
"A sword gives birth to the world … it’s wonderful!"
Imperial heaven mumbles to himself to realize this magnificent ocean, which is a bit dazzling sunshine.
Imperial heaven is there. What is missing is a blackwater snake that has been cut off.
This scene emerged with Zeng Fa, who came to Lu Xueqi … These people all saw that gazing at the vast Sangshan Mountain was now cut off by the Imperial Heaven. This is a shocking scene.
Law shocked the boss in these people immediately kneel to "forgive … forgive …"
Well, these people are too frightened to resist at all. If they resist, if they provoke that malefic, their nine lives will not be enough!
In the boss lose is a horror.
Then a majestic breath emerged and the aura was encouraged towards the Imperial Heaven.
"Boom …"
Imperial heaven devours this long river of reiki, and these reiki are turned into liquid, and these liquids keep pouring into Imperial heaven’s body.
"Bang …"
It’s like contending for heaven, but it’s too clear.
"KaKa cheep … KaKa cheep …"
The body moves towards the sky and stares at this huge black water Xuan snake. Then, with a wave of his hand, the black water Xuan snake’s body falls into the Seven Treasures Fairy Ring. It doesn’t matter that the black water Xuan snake moves towards the sky, but the black water Xuan snake is also an exotic animal, and it can get some benefits if it is swallowed up by the Seven Treasures Fairy Ring.
After all this, Imperial Heaven is staring at his knees and begging for mercy. The boss doesn’t know if he wants to hand it. Lu Xueqi doesn’t care about this. After all, the experience of fighting still needs Lu Xueqi’s own understanding.
The royal sword flies directly to the distance at this moment.
A little dark spot stared at the sky with resentment and then disappeared into the deep sea.