And when Zhang Lu heard that Fan Qingyu Bank was a small teller riding a bullet train every day, she felt a sense of superiority in generate for a moment-what nonsense class flower dream goddess? Isn’t he just a poor bastard?

So Zhang Lu outlined Fan Qingyu’s current situation in his heart
Every morning, I eat a bowl of bean curd with two yuan on the roadside, wear a windproof mask and ride a motor train. I hurried to the bank, sat in the counter and talked to the children with a smiling face. After polite work, I rode a motor train to the vegetable market with fatigue, and I was able to buy cheap vegetables with twenty cents and bargain with the vendors for an hour …
Before school, Zhang Lu felt a sense of frustration every time he saw Fan Qingyu.
But now Zhang Lu has a high sense of superiority.
No matter how beautiful you are, Fan Qingyu is not at the bottom of society.
And I’m already something you can look up to
So Zhang Lu called Fan Qingyu and said that she had a hard time coming back. It happened that the horse was about to celebrate the New Year. Let’s have a party.
"You mean she came to show off to you?"
After hearing what Fan Qingyu said, Qing Liu frowned slightly.
"That’s nature."
Fan Qingyu, uh, slipped a lazy pajamas by the door slightly, revealing her glittering and translucent jade white shoulders. She said, "Zhang Lu, she naturally won’t say it, but she told me in her words that she would recall a beautiful classmate’s time. Even the ghosts wouldn’t believe it."
"What is the reunion? To put it mildly is to recall those youthful days, but to put it mildly is to be at the same starting line. As a result, after graduation, people will be separated into three, six, nine and so on. When people get together to see those high-spirited people, it is like showing off a so-called success to their classmates! "
"I happen to be one of those people who didn’t succeed."
Fan Qingyu said with self-deprecation, "But I can’t help but go. If I don’t go to Zhang Lu, I will definitely say that Fan Qingyu is unsociable."
"Is it worth getting upset and drunk for such a little thing?"
Qing Liu can’t help feeling that women are really hard to understand.
"Can you not be upset?"
Fan Qingyu’s beautiful eyes saw his one eye and said intentionally, "Most of my classmates have children in pairs. I’m still alone. I don’t want to post it to others. If I don’t drink, where will people pick me up?"
Qing Liu touched his nose and said nothing. Obviously, this family refers to himself.
"Are you busy today?"
See Qing Liu silent Fan Qingyu asked him again.
"It’s nothing."
Qing Liu thought for a moment that the design drawings of the brewery had not been completed, and the construction team worked overtime to finish the construction of the main building before the end of the year.
"Then will you go shopping with me?"
Fan Qingyu’s beautiful eyes lit up and said to Qing Liu, "I have to choose some clothes to attend the class reunion." Soon she thought of something and added, "I didn’t mean anything but want you to help me with my staff …"
Chapter two hundred and ninety Shopping
I heard that Qing Liu’s first reaction to shopping was to refuse.
But when he saw Fan Qingyu’s beautiful eyes, he could not bear to refuse.
Fan Qingyu went to Liu Qing’s side and shook his arm. He was red and tired. He said, "Qing Liu, you punished others last night. Today, you will go shopping with them …" Then she leaned over to Qing Liu’s ear and said, "Every time you punish me, I am so cooperative. You have never asked you to come out. Do you really have the heart to refuse?"
"All right, then."
At this point, what can Qing Liu say?
I sent a short message to Li Jian telling him that he wouldn’t pick himself up today.
Qing Liu and Fan Qingyu came to the street.
"Qing Liu, shall we go for ice cream?"
Passing an ice cream shop, Fan Qingyu stopped and said cheerfully to Qing Liu.
Qing Liu nodded without objection and promised to go shopping with her. It’s not bad to eat more ice cream.
With a small spoon elegant posture, a spoonful of a spoonful of biting ice cream Fan Qingyu suddenly said a words to Qing Liu "Qing Liu, do you know? I have a feeling of falling in love. "
Qing Liu didn’t say anything
Falling in love?
To be honest, Liu Qingzhen didn’t feel this way.
Although it happened between the two, it was Fan Qingyu who took the initiative on both occasions.
However, Qing Liu did not intend to shirk responsibility.
After thinking about it, Qing Liu said, "I don’t think we can be boyfriend and girlfriend."
"I know"
Fan Qingyu was not angry and lost, but still looked at him with a smile and said, "Is it because of Jiang Jingwen?"
Qing Liu nodded and admitted that "yes".
Fan Qingyu suddenly asked, "Is it because she is your first woman?"