Nagazawa can’t help but know what Xuexin wants to do. His face is rosy and his teeth are closed.

But Xue Xin’s tongue is adamant, and Chang Ze licks the surface of his teeth gently and tries to pry it.
"It’s really annoying."
Nagazawa is psychologically cursing, but he still can’t help but open his teeth.
Snow letter immediately put your tongue into it and intertwined it with Changze’s tongue * * and exchanged it with each other, sucking the affectionate wet kiss from both sides.
In this way, it slowly passed away. After a while, the two people slowly separated their lips and saliva, and the connection slowly stretched and snapped.
Seeing this, Chang Ze turned red and wiped her mouth.
Snow letter wiped her mouth hey giggle.
"This can be? Do you have any other requirements? "
Long ze turned around and looked at the snow letter lightly chastising asked
"Sister Du, do you promise me everything?"
Snow letter wanted to think carefully asked
"Well, today’s words will satisfy you."
Nagazawa nodded and said
"Then let’s have a baby, sister?"
Snow letter quickly said that it is now or never. Since Du Jie is satisfied with everything today, it is fortunate to become husband and wife.
Long ze heard this slightly one leng immediately said "you turn around"
Xuexin is not honest and turns his back.
"Die for me."
Changze directly raised his foot and kicked the snow letter ass in the past.
"ah! ~”
In a moment, the snow letter flew directly from the rock and fell from the top of the mountain
Xue Xin died at the age of sixty-four.
Chapter 59 (Two in One)
After confirming with Nagasawa, Xuexin fell in love, wishing to mix with Nagasawa every minute in his spare time.
But Nagasawa made rules for him. No kissing and holding hands without her consent.
Not only that, but also we must maintain adequate training. Of course, when we don’t follow Master, she will train together.
Xuexin certainly doesn’t mind this. It’s very satisfying to be able to be with Dujie Xuexin.
Two days later, after coming back from Liuhun Street early on Sunday, the two of them studied together. On Monday, Xuexin was on duty, and after seven o’clock in the evening, the class and Changze went to drink together.
However, on Tuesday, Xuexin had to suppress the idea of seeing Nagazawa, because today all members of the Seventh Team can leave the team except for patrolling.
Not only that, the home team room will be called for ten meetings at five o’clock in the afternoon.
That is to say, the death department will arrive at all ten seats.
And ten seats are also responsible for the whole team of seven times. The original snow letter was not eligible to join the current ten seats and was informed to attend the meeting.
To Xue Xin’s surprise, the original meeting did not need to ban everyone from leaving the team.
I don’t know what’s going on.
Soon on Tuesday, Xuexin came to the home team room before five o’clock and went in.
The home team room is large enough for forty or fifty people.
On the wall opposite the Kuang room is a seven-character team.
And there are two people sitting on the wall
Wearing white feathers, weaving Aichuan Luowu and holding a sword, Uemon with a small toon blade.
Yu Death knelt there on both sides, Komamura Sajin Aichuan Luowufang and Xiaomulong a small toon blade Uemon Fang.
Xuexin was the last one to come in. Uemon let the door and Xuexin joined the queue, which was located at the last position just at the end of Xiaomulong’s side.
After sitting, everyone looked at Aichuan Luowu.
Aichuan Luowu looked at the crowd and said, "This time, it is not a meeting but a private matter."
"Private? Is it? "