Ma Guodan said, "I have seen the surname because when I came back just now …"

Ma Xiaoling and Lu Chengjiu frowned and said, "Do you know him?"
"More than just knowing …" Ma Guodan said, "You may not know his identity, but I know it very well."
Lu Chengjiu wonders, "Who the hell is he?"
Ma Guodan shook his head. "I can’t say who he is. If it is necessary to know, he will naturally tell you, but you’d better not know his identity."
Ma Guodan’s tone is awe-inspiring. "His identity will be completely white when you come into contact with the law of destiny."
Liu Chengjiu didn’t speak Ma Xiaoling also left her mouth.
Ma Guodan directly said, "Take me in."
At the moment, Ma Guodan’s words are still obscure.
Although it seems like a few casual chats, the meaning is not white.
However, since Ma Guodan was as general as the sunglasses man said, I was relieved and stopped thinking about what he meant.
I’m not interested in being a sunglasses man.
If you need to know his magic key, you can help!
Ma Xiaoling obviously didn’t think about the meaning of Ma Guodan’s words. He hurriedly took him in when he heard him say so.
I’ll be silent after you.
That Ma Guodan went in and looked down.
Ma Xiaoling asked, "Can it really be saved?"
Ma Guodan said, "If it can really bring him back to life, it means that after 20 years of painstaking research, I finally got the result …"
Ma Guodan thought for a moment and hesitated. "But I have never confirmed that I am probably sure before."
Shura two silly way "ten percent sure that is better than nothing"
"Well said!"
Ma Guodan nodded, "10% sure is better than nothing. If I succeed, that means I can see through the causal link even though I am still constrained by destiny. If I can’t save him, I won’t lose anything."
"But …"
He woke up and said, "I don’t know what state he will be after changing his life to save him …"
Lu Chengjiu asked, "What?"
Ma Guodan said, "His destiny is to be dead, but I let him live against my destiny, so it is hard for me to say whether everything is normal or stupid after he lives. After all, his soul has been damaged."
Ma Guodan stared at "I" again for quite a while. At this moment, it is obviously a little eager!
He said, "Now I’m going to take him back."
Ma Xiaoling exclaimed, "Take it back?"
Ma Guodan nodded patiently. "This is not a place to change his life. I want to take his body back to the depths of the demon world and study it again."
He said to Ma Xiaoling, "If you are not at ease, you can come with me, but I have a word to say first."
Ma Guodan said, "When you come to my place, no one can go anywhere, otherwise I won’t care if something happens."
Ma Xiaoling said, "Well."
Shura Ersha and Ge Ershao may think that Ma Guodan doesn’t look very easy to get along with. At this time, they all said, "Then we will wait for news here."
Liu Chengjiu also said, "It’s certainly not convenient for me to go to talk about this kind of thing. I’ll wait here for news."
Fox smiles appealed, "Then I’ll go with Sister Xiaoling!"
Ma Guodan nodded by default.
I think it’s a touch. I didn’t expect them to be still very brave!
Fox Xiaomei and Ma Xiaoling said, "I have never been to the depths of the demon world to see what I want."
I "…"
Liu Chengjiu and Shura two silly carried me out again.
Ma Guodan nodded slightly at his monster beast python, and the python took a look at it, so he directly picked up my body and took it away …
Ma Guodan turned around and woke up to Ma Xiaoling again. "It’s sinister in the depths of the demon world. Please follow me well and don’t run around."
Do, Chapter one hundred and sixteen The depths of the demon world
"Well …"
"Then let’s go."
Ma Guodan floated back to lead the way.
He walked quickly to the front hill with Ma Xiaoling and Fox Xiaomei.
I followed closely and ran to the front first
I was shocked when I looked up at the place!
The front is no longer a flat and wide road, but a rugged gravel path.
In addition to less than a meter wide, there are thorns on both sides of the road, and in the distance, it is a surging demon world river, and the swift current washes the banks of the river, which makes people feel afraid.
Ma Guodan said, "Crossing this river is the most dangerous place in the demon world."
Ma Xiaoling nodded. "Well …"
She and Fox Mei are also surprised by the road conditions in front of them, and it is obviously the first time to approach here.
Ma Guodan didn’t say anything to take them along this road.
When we arrived, Ma Xiaoling looked at the rushing water and asked, "How can we get there?"
Ma Guodan said fiercely, "Just follow me."
Talking, he looked around and walked to the bank of the river and patted a half-buried sandstone tablet.
With the change of the moving water surface of Ma Guodan, a whirlpool was formed, and then a demon wearing a helmet and armor covered with aquatic plants emerged from the water surface.
This demon is five big and three thick, and it is three meters high when it comes out of the water, with two sharp corners on its head and extremely sharp eyes looking at the front while chewing something.
He said in a very rich voice, "Why did old man Ma bring two people?"
Ma Guodan’s tone is indifferent "My niece"
The demon chuckled at this. "Old Ma, didn’t you say you wouldn’t go back to Ma’s house?"
Ma Guodan said, "So what?"
This demon didn’t speak.
"Now" Ma Guodan said "Send us there"
The demon curled his mouth and raised his hand, and the river suddenly stopped flowing, so a road appeared.
Ma Guodan turned back and said, "Let’s go there."
Xiao-ling Ma and Xiao-mei Hu carefully looked at the demon and followed Guo-dan Ma to the other side.
I’ll follow closely and never leave.
After this, the river demon looked back, and without saying anything, they plunged into the bottom of the water and cut off the river, and instantly returned to its original state.