Sooner or later, he will chase and kill him.

If he didn’t have any cavalry, he really wanted to send cavalry to chase them quickly and let the rebels and local unruly people know what a real army is and what a DaSong elite is.
Very cruel!
But he didn’t know that the "rebels" and "unruly people" were preparing to launch the bravest counterattack against them with full courage and tenacity just because they knew how vicious they were.
On October 25th, led by Qi Fang of Song Jun, he arrived in the north of Nanfeng County, where he camped.
According to the observation, there are indeed military forces stationed in Nanfeng County to defend and there are indeed traces of rebels, so Qi Fang confirmed that there is a limit to the rebels’ fortified positions.
He corners of the mouth outlined a smile, everything is under control 】 【 feel has touched the rebel limit.
Obviously, the rebels have been trying to continue to escape south with those unruly people. It is necessary to stop them in Nanfeng County, and the Qi side has confirmed that those former scouts who attacked him are trudging south of Nanfeng County at the moment.
And want him to break Nanfeng county as soon as possible to get back at those unruly people who don’t know how to live or die.
So he took the position to command the army to attack Nanfeng County. First, he wiped out all the military obstacles outside Nanfeng County, and then forced Quzhou and Xinzhou to recruit 20,000 cannon fodder with sandbags to fill the pits and moats against the long-range weapons of Nanfeng County.
The 20,000 able-bodied men recruited by Quzhou and Xinzhou were not effectively protected. The large wooden curtains were all to protect the imperial soldiers, and the roots could not protect the cannon fodder. So it took them three days and three nights to finally fill the pit.
There is still a long way to go before the moat is filled.
But it doesn’t matter. Qi Fang forced these civilian workers to fill a moat to ensure that they could pass people, and then they took advantage of this channel to transport war soldiers and siege ordnance to attack Nanfeng County.
Nanfeng County is a small town. The original wall was two or three meters high, and the peasant army’s emergency construction raised the wall to five meters. The defense force greatly increased, and the damage to Song Jun was even greater.
However, a few small casualties are not in Qi Fang’s eyes. If his final victory is this kind of Song Jun’s pressure on the peasant army to suddenly and violently beat, it will be a great achievement.
The number of defenders of the peasant army guarding the city is obviously not as much as that of Song Jun, and it is not difficult to resist.
Three days after the siege of Nanfeng County, Song Jun attached ants to the city, and at this time, the peasant army was forced to fight bloody battles with Song Jun. With the advantage and courage of guarding the city, it repelled the Qi attack again and again
As time goes by, Nanfeng County is becoming more and more dangerous.
Song Jun trebuchet smashed the defense facilities of Chengtou many times, and also smashed many facilities of Chengjun, and stormed Chengtou many times. The peasant soldiers even appeared to throw their heads against the wall with Song Jun soldiers.
Only by such a tragic sacrifice of the peasant army can Song Jun besiege and hold Nanfeng County.
But despite this, it is obvious that Song Jun’s superior forces completely suppressed Nanfeng County, so Qi Fang’s face smiled more and more.
He felt that he had seen a bright future.
He felt that he was about to break through here and then launched a massacre against the unruly people in the south of the county.
It must be bloody, but it will be fun.
However, at this moment, on the first day of November, the cold wind suddenly blew, and Qi Fang suddenly learned that there was a little problem in his rear.
His grain route was cut off.
How can the route for providing foodstuff be cut off?
Seeing that he is already crumbling, he can break through Nanfeng county with a little more effort. Qi Fang suddenly fell into confusion. He was a little confused about how he could be cut off from providing foodstuff.
How did you get cut off when you called all the way?
He seems that the only route that may threaten him is Linchuan County, Fuzhou, where troops are stationed according to prior investigation.
However, it takes four or five days for the troops to March from Linchuan to Jinxi for a full 200-mile road, no matter how high the speed is, and in this period, he will never find it when he leaves Fiona Fang for a five-mile whistle ride.
In order to protect the route for providing foodstuff, he even sent a navy division to block the waterway from Linchuan to Jinxi, and the high peasant army hurried on.
Moreover, he also arranged an elite army of 3 thousand people to be stationed in Jinxi County to undertake the protection of grain and grass, and the person in charge was the most cautious officer in the imperial army
What do you think? It’s just a case of losing the situation.
How did this happen?
Of course it happened for no reason.
The real reason is not complicated.
Accept Zhao Yucheng’s order to guard Fuzhou and Jianchang Army to be responsible for the first line of defense against Qifang. The general of the peasant army is Shi Shuai Xu Tong, the second division. He leads 20,000 people in the second division to be responsible for fighting against Qifang’s troops.
Naturally, he is not the only army, and there is the fourth division of the peasant army behind him.
However, Xu Tong feels that since he is the first line of defense, he should play a defense line and kill the enemy on his own side as much as possible.
Qi Fang?
The general who surrounded them but took the initiative to do business with them?
This general is not difficult to deal with, is it?
Xu Tong thought so.
Qi Fang doesn’t know who his opponent is, but the peasant army knows who his opponent is
After the Southern Song Dynasty made a decision, it didn’t wait for the news to reach Lin ‘an, which was a little far away. Wu surrendered Zhao Yu’s achievements. Nanchang got the information of the second action group of Skynet Army. It was learned that the Southern Song Dynasty was about to launch another attack and preside over the war. Shi Hao was the new Tang Dynasty envoy.
Chapter 99 One-way through the Southern Song Dynasty court
According to the information, Shi Hao is strict and conservative, but he is not good at military affairs. Although he is serious, he takes military affairs for granted.
He selected two war commanders, one is Wu Gong and the other is Qi Fang.
Coincidentally, they are old acquaintances.
Not only that, but Zhao Yucheng, the second action group, also found out the general strength of Song Jun, which the Privy Council planned for the two men to March into the route and fight the target.
Wu Gong and his men can probably dispatch 30,000 troops, or maybe a little less, but they are more elite. Although there are few people, Wu Gong is not as elite as that waste in Tian Shi.
Qi Fang’s department originally had 20,000 people, but he asked the Privy Council for an additional 20,000 people. The quota was all 40,000 people from Quzhou and Xinzhou in the front line, but the real fighting capacity was only that 20,000 people.
However, the 20,000 people were mainly the senior general Yang Zhongling, the imperial guard. After the Song War, Yang Zhong conducted intensive training for his 40,000 troops in front of the temple. After a while, the troops in front of the temple were greatly improved and their combat effectiveness was improved.
It’s not easy to deal with
Generally speaking, the Song Jun troops who came to attack the peasant army this time are small in number, but they are all elite troops, which can be said to be the most elite army except Sichuan, Sichuan and Song Jun. The peasant army needs to be prepared to fight hard.
The news made Zhao Yucheng a little strange.
Because of the failure experience in the previous war, the Southern Song Dynasty could not afford to fail again. This time, the Southern Song Dynasty made changes, and their Privy Council strengthened its control over the two armies.
The Privy Council made a long-distance sand table deduction of this battle, and then Tang Shi Hao asked the two armies to March in strict accordance with the route planned by the Privy Council and achieve their goals according to the established plan. They had to make mistakes and were not allowed to play freely.
This kind of trip has a feeling that Zhao Guangyi gave the generals an array in the Northern Song Dynasty and ordered them to fight according to the array.
What’s so special about this?
On the one hand, Zhao Yucheng thinks it is absurd to do so, on the other hand, he also thinks that the second action group is really miraculous, and even such confidential military information can be obtained. Does the Southern Song Dynasty imperial court have a one-way feeling about China?
How many secrets did the imperial court in the Southern Song Dynasty know?
How many people in their department are Skynet agents?